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Virtual Walk in Google Business Profile – Aarkada Podiatry Clinic

Enhancing your Google Business Profile with virtual walk-throughs and 360-degree photos can revolutionize your online presence and attract potential customers like never before. understands the enormous potential of these immersive experiences for your business. Virtual walk-throughs allow viewers to go inside your premises, giving them an authentic, interactive view of the physical space. This reinforces trust and familiarity, increasing the likelihood that potential customers will choose your business over your competitors.With 360-degree photos, you can showcase the unique features of your space, from the atmosphere to your products or services, leaving a fascinating impression. These immersive elements not only improve search engine rankings, but also engage visitors, increasing the likelihood that they will convert into regular customers.In today’s digital landscape, where first impressions are crucial, using virtual walk-throughs and 360 photos is key to standing out and ensuring that your Google Business profile leaves a lasting, positive impact on everyone who stumbles upon it.
A virtual walk-through of the Aarkada beauty salon in Wroclaw, Poland.
We made 20 scans depicting the whole place and acting out scenes that can be seen in the daily work of Mr. Adrian’s team. In addition, we tagged the products with links leading users to Arkady’s online store and social networks.
During a visit to Aarkada’s office, we agreed with the owner of the office that the main goal of performing a virtual walk-through at the premises was to increase the engagement of people who search for Aarkada on Google Maps, so that they could see the premises in all its glory. The equivalent goal was to increase Aarkada’s attractiveness to Google’s algorithm.
Thanks to’s services, Aarkada has gained a new way to showcase its stationary online. Mr. Adrian, the company’s owner, has already heard a lot of positive feedback about the virtual walk-through from clients. It allows customers to familiarize themselves with the office before arriving at the site – with its appearance and the structure of the treatment rooms. Once they arrive, they already know exactly where to go. In addition, after entering the walkthrough on the Matterport platform, customers can immediately proceed to purchase products online that they see in 360° images of the practice.

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