Case study

3D scanning of an apartment in a historic building – Zajęcza Street in Warsaw.

3D scanning technology has many advantages when renovating historic homes. It helps preserve original architectural details, streamlines the planning phase and provides an accurate estimate of materials, thus saving time and money. In addition, 3D scanning facilitates effective communication between all stakeholders, promoting cooperation and a unified vision for the renovation.

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We took 10 scans of the 35-square-meter apartment, capturing design elements and ornamentation from all sides.
The goal of the 3D scan was to measure holistically and eliminate errors that often occur with manual measurements. In addition, the client’s premise was to create a channel of communication between him and the designer in an interactive environment, such as the Matterport platform.
Thanks to 3D scanning, we obtained a point cloud that perfectly reflected the apartment’s geometry and historical ornamentation. In addition, thanks to the 360-degree photos, the designer and the apartment owner were able to communicate more efficiently on the Matterport platform, exchanging comments.

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